Decorating the World with Comfort!

Preparing culinary top creations in the kitchen and bakery is work for professionals. They also know that the careful processing of liquid ingredients revolves around two things: refined craftsmanship combined with use of the best tools: One Way premium piping bags.
One Way Plastics produces in-house from a state-of-the-art machine park. The One Way premium piping bags selection is exported worldwide with strict internal quality control.

One Way guarantees the quality of the complete collection. To guarantee this, the production is certified and qualified according to international standards. The internal quality service keeps a close eye on consistency in strength, flexibility and colour 24/7. The evidence is objective and independent: since 2010, BRC certification has been successfully conducted every year, as well as compliance with all relevant European and American guidelines for quality and food safety.


Comfort Grip

One Way Piping Bags offer excellent grip even with wet or greasy hands for optimum efficiency and precision in food preparation. Because time is precious for (pastry) chefs, One Way offers the solution to work faster.


Intrinsic Strength

A hot or cold filling, thin or extra firm and smooth, One Way Piping Bags does not tear. There is a One Way piping bag for every variety of processing ingredients. The piping bags meet the strictest standards in the field of food safety. Their reliability and stability rest on the patented multi-layered structure.


Sustainable Alternative

One Way Piping Bags offer a sustainable alternative through its Biobased Comfort Green line. It is the answer to the demand for a socially responsible and sustainable role of the plastic producing and processing industry. This premium piping bag has exactly the same intrinsic properties as the regular Comfort Green. Biobased Comfort Green is distinctive because this piping bag consists of 80% biobased material with the origin of sugar cane.

The biggest gain lies in a reduced CO2 food print of the raw materials. This is done without loss of quality, stability and reliability of the raw material. Just like all One Way premium piping bags, the Biobased Comfort Green is also 100% recyclable.

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