Cake Decorating Made Easy

The idea for Kopykake was born in the late 1960’s when co-founder Gerry Mayer, a 5th generation baker, grew tired of copying client’s designs to his cakes with only his eyes. He instinctively knew there had to be a better, quicker, and more profitable way.

After a series of experiments, Gerry invented the first Kopykake Projector. Now, whenever a customer gave him a design, he could place it in the projector, which would enlarge the photo onto the cake. From there, Gerry was easily able to trace the design in a fraction of the time. He could now complete more cakes in a day than he could in a week.

Soon, all the bakeries heard of Gerry’s invention and wanted one, so he began manufacturing them in his garage after the bakery had closed for the day. As word continued to spread, Gerry began to focus on the projector business and thus, Kopykake Enterprises was born.

Kopykake is perfectly positioned at the forefront of the industry and expects to remain there because Gerry Mayer’s two sons, Rick and Greg, are continuing Kopykake’s long and proud tradition along with a team of professionals dedicated to making your life easier whether you’re a Cake Decorator or Artist.

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