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FOCC ASIA, the official company of Hagen’s, is an integrated supply chain platform, founded and led by leading wholesalers from 6 countries. We are fully acknowledged and adopted by more than 26 quality-driven factory partners in Asia.

FOCC ASIA reengineers conventional links throughout the traditional supply chain eco-system. It serves an indispensable bridging role and strengthens the chains that connect brand patents and technologies, production partners, wholesale networks in various countries, merchant users and consumers (B2B2C) onto a technology and data driven loop.

Our flagship brand, Hagen’s, offers a wide range of essentials for the food service and healthcare industry, as well as for households. Products range from disposable gloves, parchment paper, to kitchen cloths. 

The Hagen’s brand is synonymous to quality as it is the brand promise to provide top quality products to our clients. We constantly aim and strive to continuously achieve excellence through research and development at every step of our product’s journey, so that ultimately when it reaches you, user benefits are guaranteed.

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