Kitchen Machines for Commercial Processing

What started out in 1924 in Kloten as a small engineering works has developed over the years into a highly specialised company. Today, Brunner-Anliker is the leading manufacturer of machines for cutting, chopping, grating, grinding and declumping foodstuffs.  In 2001, the company’s expertise was recognised with the award for the “World’s best vegetable chopping appliance”. Quality, reliability and durability have made us into the market leader in this area.

The constant growth of the company led to the conversion and expansion of the company headquarters in Kloten and the construction of a new plant in Ticino. In 2012, the vegetable cutting machine from Brunner-Anliker won the prestigious ICD Award in the “Non-Food Technology” category.

Brunner-Anliker is a true Swiss quality brand. All of our machines and accessories are produced in our plant in Ticino.


Ergonomically Designed

Brunner-Anliker appliances work precisely and reliably while offering optimum user comfort. Thanks to their durability and reliability, they are often used for generations in many companies. Our machines comply with the most stringent safety aspects and are easy to operate and clean.


Drawing Cut

The secret behind the seccess of Brunner-Anliker cutting machines can be found in the technology behind the “Drawing Cut”. The unique cutting geometry of our “Drawing Cut” prevents the unnecessary loss of nutrients and vitamins. Specially designed blades and matching blade discs cut the product as if by hand – in succession, gently and without using much force. In contrast to cutting machines from other manufacturers, the extremely thin, high-precision, hand-ground blades prevent heavy impacts on the cut products.

Thanks to this biotechnological method and the hand-ground blades, the cell structure of even the most delicate fruits and vegetables is barely affected. This then leads to a significantly longer shelf life for the processed products.


Quality Swiss Products

Brunner-Anliker machines are a shining example of Swiss innovation, precision, durability and reliability. From development right through to production and sales, all processes are carried out in the Brunner-Anliker branches in Switzerland.

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