Our logo represents our Company’s Vision, Mission & Philosophy.

Our S represents our Vision: To develop and create a Sustainable culture within our Company in how we manage our business.

The 3 bamboos represent our Mission: To introduce products, services and practices that help make our air, earth & water resources greener & cleaner.

The bamboos also represent our Philosophy: To be firm and sturdy yet flexible and open to adopting renewable resources in our daily life.

The green leaf leaning above the ‘i’ in our Company name projects a forward looking company willing to Explore, Embrace & Evangelize new ideas that helps fulfills our Vision, Mission & Philosophy.

Sweetlink is a premier importer and distributor of kitchen tools and equipment, specializing in innovative and quality products and services for the hotel & restaurant industry.

Sweetlink is a forward looking company that aims to provide solutions for our customers through innovative technology. Whether a hotel, restaurant, or even for your home kitchen, our products promise efficiency and ease of use. 

Est. 1997

Operating for over 20 years


Satisfied customers

ISO Certified

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management


Top of the line tools and equipment from around the world brought to your kitchen.