Thermal Mixers

Thermal Mixers
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HotmixPRO is the most advanced range of “thermal mixers”
- one that can mix up to 16’000 rpm, cook up to +190°C (+374°F), and even cool down to -24°C (-11°F). An all in one machine!

HotmixPRO machines are one of today’s most technologically advanced solutions to make the Chefs’ lives easier. Think of a kitchen tool that remembers your recipes and is able to reproduce them - without your intervention!
You can discover the endless possibilities of HotmixPRO here,

See which model is fit for your needs!  Check out our hot and cold range & unique vacuum model.
Have a look at this Intro Video!
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HotmixPRO Key Features

From Preparation to Cooking....its like having a sous chef!

HotmixPRO is a total solution

Watch the introductory video here.  You can also download the complete catalogue here and compare the different models here to find out which suits you best.
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our Partner’s site, Facebook page, and video channel.   Made in Italy.
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