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DCM.M35 - Melanger #35

A Large-Capacity, Low-Impact Tilting Refiner for Bean-to-Bar & Nut-to-Spread Makers.
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US-made, custom-built, all-Stainless Steel, tilting refiner that is plug and play ready.

-High-quality, all-natural granite stones that refine particle size down to less than 20 microns.
-Unique design allows the machine to be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.
-Continuous duty motor is engineered specifically to run 24/7 days year-round without the risk of overheating.
-No external cooling fans are needed.
-This machine system meets or exceeds the latest international energy efficiency standards.
-A fine-tension controller adjusts stone pressure during the refining/conching stage allowing makers greater control over the finished product.
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