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AFP-50 - Acro Photofood Printer FP50

Our innovative new photographic decorating system for pastries is guaranteed to wow your customers!
Print with food grade ink on food like macarons, cakes, marsmallows, lollipops, mints, smarties, cookies.
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Great Idea
The FP-50 has a print area of 320x550mm (A3) and maximum printing height of 170mm.
Create personalised photographic designs on birthday cakes, macarons, marshmallows, smarties, lollies, mints, biscuits, licorice.  Ideal for ther professional bakers, bakeshops, pastry shops and even serious home bakers.
  • One piece can be printer, no plate-making, lower cost, suitable even for small quantity of products
  • Multicolor printing, perfect color transition, vivid printing results.
  • It accepts printable objects height up to170mm, weight up to 8kg
  • It can directly print on the surface of food with edible inks
  • It is very simple to operate this machine. Just normal workers can operate it well after brief training.
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