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9001 - One Way Piping Bag 'Deluxe' Dispenser

Whoever comes to know One Way will recognise the added value of disposal piping bags for the professional cook.  An even smarter way of using One Way's comfort grip piping bags is to mount the roller with use-and-throw piping bags on our Deluxe Dispneser. Each new version is a clean, hygienic piping bag. That means you no longer have to search for a clean piping bag, and can always access a new bag with a single motion of the hand.
Contact us for volume orders to discuss having your own Deluxe Dispensers for free

Pick your items - Deluxe Dispenser and 53cm refill piping bags
Base Price: P4960.00
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Total Price: P4960.00
The Deluxe Dispenser comes with a roll of 100 bags in a unique core that is easy to mount on the dispenser.
Currently designed to be used with our 53cm (21inch) and 59cm (23inch) piping bags.
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