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12006 - LOOK Roasting Film 45cmx50mt

A handy alternative to oven bags and for use in en papillote cooking
A handy alternative to oven bags is oven film. Oven film is manufactured from TSP02, a polyester based film developed specifically for modern cooking applications. The TSP02 film is supplied on a roll and can be cut-to-size before wrapping the meat into a parcel – making it especially suitable for larger joints of meat.

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Additional Info:

Look oven film can be also used poultry and fish and for braising dishes. Look oven film presents no barriers to browning, meaning that the meat, poultry and fish can be finished without opening the parcel. Look oven film can be safely used in the oven to 200oC and the film stays clear throughout the cooking process.

Wrapping the meat/fish

Meat/fish should be totally enclosed in the film and wrapped in the style of a parcel. The ends of the parcel should be twisted or folded and then turned underneath. Make a slit in the top of the parcel to allow steam to escape.

Recommended temperatures

Look roasting film should not be used for temperatures above200oC. Leave space above the parcel to prevent the film touching the roof of the oven.

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