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11-111-032 - LM25 multiSPRAY

KREA SWISS' 60 Watt multiSPRAY (LM25) is the perfect "food safe" handheld gun for spraying most low to medium viscosity liquids including, oil, egg, jelly, marinades and sauces etc.  Bakers love it for the ease of greasing baking sheets & tins.

Fast Shipping Great Idea

Fast, economical, accurate and food industry approved, the alternative to pastry brush and non food regulation compliant paint guns used in bakeries, cake shops, butchers, hotels, hospitals, canteens, restaurants, pubs, food factories & fast food outlets.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Optimal spraying of flat surfaces and objects such as baking tray with the flat-jet-nozzle F7S.
  • The bent nozzle extension is ideal for spraying upwards, downwards or on edges and slants.
  • From thick, to fine spray finish- excellent material distribution.
  • Fast ROI- due to less use of material.
  • "Food Safe".
  • Simple to use with a balanced design. Compressed air not required.
  • Hygienic- easy to take completely apart and clean.

Each multiSPRAY includes: 700ml container, F7S flat fan nozzle, R6 round-jet nozzle, bent nozzle extension. Ideal for Low-Med viscosity.
If you require to spray direct from a large container or spray the maximum volumes, we recommend the high power LM45 volumeSPRAY.

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