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HMDRY - HotmixPro Dry

HotMixPro Dry is unique among the category of commercial counter-top dehydrators. It utilizes horizontal air flow run by two independent fans for a perfect and homogeneous aeration of the product. The air flow is adjustable between ten different speeds in relation to the temperature of the chamber and to the product that must be dehydrated. Users can easily set two temperatures, which are independently controlled by two separate probes, which can also be used at the same time. It is easy and simple to use with basic drying methods already stored in the unit. There is also the possibility to customize your own drying methods to suite your needs.
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Key Features:
Maximum capacity eight trays 360x460mm that are split in two parts by a separator/collecting drop
Degree by degree temperature control
Energy savings thanks to the use of two separate zones at variable temperature.
Double chamber design allows the surfaces of the unit to remain cold
Operating time up to 150 hours maximum

Between the union of HotmixPro Smoke and HotmixPro Dry, it is possible to create a hot smoker with a perfect control of the temperature
Power 220V
Temperature Room to 100-deg C
Material Stainless Steel AISI 304

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