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HM2MST - HotmixPro Master

The incredible, unique feature of HotmixPRO Master is its ability to create vacuum in its bowl while working.

It has a powerful motor (1800W), capable of very high speeds (up to 16’000 rpm), and it can  cook up to 190°C (374°F)  with degree-by-degree temperature control (1°C increments).
Great Idea

Thanks to these features, HotmixPRO Master is suitable for almost every recipe, such as creams, jams, sauces, doughs, reductions… its high temperatures even allows caramelization of sugars!

What’s more, it comes with a few revolutionary features, that will really improve your workflow.  Features such as the 'Wait Temperature' function, NEXT, and the programmable recipe memory.

On top of that, vacuum opens many new paths in your kitchen:
- Vacuum cooking or chopping can lead to amazing results! Vacuum lowers boiling temperatures, so taste and colors of your ingredients stays unaltered. It is useful in the production of sauces and all creamy products. Where there’s no air there’s no oxygen, where there’s no oxygen here’s no oxydation. Also, it guarantees a constant specific weight and the absence of aerobic bacteria (no air, no aerobic bacteria).
- Vacuum reducing leads to intensification of your recipes taste, thanks to the low temperatures. It concentrates the flavors of the ingredients with a process that does not change the colors, and the volatile aromatic components do not get lost.
- Vacuum soaking is a technique which offers amazing results. During the creation of the vacuum in the bowl, any air contained in the food will be eliminated as well.
- Then, thanks to a particular connection, when stabilizing the atmospheric pressure it’s possible to insert a gas or a liquid to “soak” your preparation.
- Vacuum drying is a very efficient technique to dry food, because high temperatures are not necessary. This way, the volatile, heat-sensitive aromas won’t deteriorate. This technique can be used also to improve a “texture” – for example, when drying a meringue.

These helpful -and unique– characteristics introduce a new level of comfort in your kitchen: in fact, the operator’s presence is not constantly required anymore. A great number of preparations can be made by simply inserting the ingredients into the bowl, selecting a recipe (either one of the 250 pre-stored or one of your own), and pressing the START button.

Thanks to the programmable memory and the perfect temperature controlHotmixPRO Master can guarantee constant, standardized, and optimal results.

You can even let your staff use it. As long as they use your recipe (and the same ingredients of course), no one will be able to see the difference. You can also share your recipes with your friends, your fellow chefs, or other restaurants of your chain.

As easy as locating the file, copying it, and sending it as an email attachment. And, thanks to the WT function, the results will be always constant, no matter the initial temperature and quantity of ingredients.

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