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HM2E - HotmixPro Easy

HotmixPRO Easy has a powerful motor (1’200W), capable of very high speeds (up to 10’000 rpm), and it can cook up to 130°C (266°F) with degree-by-degree temperature control (1°C increments). 

Great Idea
Thanks to these features, HotmixPRO Easy is suitable for almost every recipe, such as creams, jams, sauces, doughs, reductions… its high temperatures even allows caramelization of sugars

What’s more, it comes with a few revolutionary features, that will really improve your workflow. Features such as the 'Wait Temperature' function.

These helpful -and unique– characteristics introduce a new level of comfort in your kitchen: in fact, the operator’s presence is not constantly required anymore

A great number of preparations can be made by simply inserting the ingredients into the bowl, programming the machine, and pressing the START button.

Thanks to the perfect temperature control, HotmixPRO Easy can guarantee constant, standardized, and optimal results. 

You can even let your staff use it. As long as they use your recipe (and the same ingredients of course), no one will be able to see the difference.
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